Here She Comes!

€1.600,00 EUR

Join us for a 6-week intensive leadership coaching programme to boost your confidence, connect to your inner compass, and master the skills, mindset and behaviors to realize your most audacious goals.

What you'll get:

  • immersive 6-week online course
  • weekly 2-hour live online workshops with all participants
  • weekly meetings in small pods
  • two 1:1 leadership coaching sessions with one of the facilitators 
  • assignments and self-inquiry in-between sessions
  • access to a supportive and caring community of female leaders


What People Are Saying:

This course made such a huge impact in my life. It gave me the confidence and tools I needed to make a big leap.

Julia Zimmerman

This course was a truly transformative experience! It gave me great tools on how to become the leader I aspire to be, on how to be more connected with myself, and to live my life purpose. I couldn't be more grateful to participate in a course like this!

Andrea Farrés Jiménez

I found incredible support in this group! They carried me through some tough decisions I dared to take. I realized the truth is that my opportunities are infinite. As are yours!

Isabella Bjorkmann

I loved the program. The group felt safe and respectful. Among us were CEOs with huge responsibilities, and we all just met as human beings.

Katia Hoorne

It was definitely transformative. Thanks to you I am now a free consultant and I just signed a big contract. The magic worked!

Margo Leonardi

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