About us 

We enable purpose-driven, ambitious leaders to reveal the most powerful version of themselves so that they can have the impact the world needs, and make their wildest dreams come true.

As professionally certified leadership coaches and facilitators, we unite our diverse backgrounds and energies to cultivate a space where transformation can happen.  

We strive to make everyone feel welcome in our courses and invite you to come as you are – with all your perfect imperfections. By honoring and celebrating the uniqueness of each one of us, we co-create a space of belonging. 


We believe leadership is not about a title or rank, it’s about our willingness to take responsibility for the impact we create and how we show up in the world.

When we support each other to win, we all win. We’re convinced that elevating each other and helping others shine will make us all shine brighter together.

We believe that we always have a choice in perspective. When we shift from life is happening to me to life is happening for me, we become powerful creators.

Hi, I’m Lena


  • I’m a lawyer by training – who decided to part with Law the day of my final exam 
  • I am hence your worst possible choice for any legal advice
  • working with International Organizations for 16 years was a childhood dream come true 
  • becoming an entrepreneur was a huge leap into a freedom I never knew I was craving
  • I found that I can contribute to raising the frequency of the Earth by empowering women to live fulfilled, impactful lives
  • I talk to my parents on the phone every day, sometimes twice
  • I am crazy in love with my two teenage kids, my awesome husband and my untrained dog
  • I’m a sucker for deep connection – and shamelessly turned this into my work
  • I follow my joy, my passion, and my idea of fun – pretty much all day long
  • I suck at creating or maintaining order in cupboards, closets and files
  • I – still today – pick my nose (hoping no one sees me)
  • I have a totally irrational aversion against voice mail messages (Please do me a favour and never send me one. It’s likely I’ll never listen to it.)
  • I’m convinced that my brother is God’s masterpiece (if you knew him, you’d know why)
  • I still struggle with striking the right balance between the joy of working, the joy of being with my family, the joy of being a friend and the joy of being with myself
  • I’m not proud of having lost touch with friends who have meant a lot to me – and still do today –  although they have not heard from me in years


Hey there, I'm Elena


  • I spent the last decade living, studying, traveling, and working all over the globe, from Vancouver to Munich, and places in between.
  • my curiosity about human behavior led me to study Business Psychology and work in People & Culture (Human Resources) of international corporations, where I felt wildly out of my element, like a penguin in the desert.
  • in search of water (and meaning), I ditched my corporate career and took a deep dive into coaching.
  • I added some letters to the alphabet soup behind my name and more importantly I found myself doing work that lights me up. 
  • I’m deeply grateful for the privilege and freedom I have to discover this path and I’m hoping it will bring more humanity to business.
  • my definition of success is getting through the day without spilling toothpaste on my shirt.
  • I care deeply about making coaching more accessible and inclusive.
  • I moved to Paris in a heartbeat without knowing any French because a voice inside me told me it‘s where I belonged. Or was it the red wine? Bref…
  • I’ve mastered the art of seemingly having all my sh*t together, even when I feel lost & confused (which happens often). Don’t be fooled.
  • nothing bores me more than admin. If you want to become my personal life assistant, please apply below.
  • I'm a passionate yogi, outdoor enthusiast and recently discovered my love for running.
  • As a kid I thought it was a great idea to cut my eyelashes. Twice. Because everyone said they were „soo long“. Don’t copy that, friends!

You can also find me at www.elenakienle.com

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