Join us for a 6-week intensive leadership coaching programme to boost your confidence, connect to your inner compass, and master the skills, mindset and behaviors to realize your most audacious goals.

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…a purpose-driven (emerging) leader who wants to make a positive impact by fully leveraging your natural gifts & talents?

You know you can achieve more, but don’t quite know how to, yet. Sometimes insecurity takes control and you lose sight of your own greatness. When someone speaks over you in a meeting or questions your competence, you go quiet, doubting yourself. 

When you’re at your best, you know that you are powerful beyond measure. But often, inner voices tell you the opposite. And you buy into those voices too often. You get in your own way, and you limit your impact. 

Are you done giving power to that which keeps you small? 

Are you looking for effective tools & techniques to quiet self-doubt and tap into your potential? 

Are you yearning to overcome limiting beliefs and instead learn to operate from abundance and possibility? 

Are you ready to lean in, face your fears and expand your comfort zone? 

Are you done letting anyone steal your thunder, dim your light or clip your wings?

I'm ready!
  • immersive 6-week online course
  • two 1:1 leadership coaching sessions
  • weekly 2-hour live online workshops with all participants
  • weekly meetings in small pods
  • assignments and self-inquiry in-between sessions
  • access to a supportive and caring community of female leaders


  • 01 July 2023 


EUR 1.600 per person.

We offer a discounted rate of EUR 1.200 per person for organisations registering 5 or more participants.

Inclusion is important to us. If you are not able to afford the full fee, we invite you to apply for a scholarship by sending us an email to [email protected] sharing your motivation to participate in the course. 

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Are you done…

  • dreading your Mondays?
  • dimming your own light?
  • living a life that doesn’t fuel your soul?
  • giving your power away and hiding your magic?
  • letting fear and doubt hold you back and keep you stuck in your tracks?

Are you ready to…

  • create an extraordinary life, as per your own definition?
  • change your inner game?
  • connect to the most magnificent version of yourself?
  • take matters into your own hands?
  • own your light and your shadows?
  • take 100% responsibility?
Hell yes! I'm ready.

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